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Audi Finance

Choosing the right Audi Car Finance.

Solutions Personal Contract Plan.

PCP is one of the best ways of buying a new or Approved used Audi. It allows customers to purchase a car of their choice at a very attractive fixed monthly finance payment, with the benefit of a low initial deposit outlay and a guaranteed minimum future value at the end of the agreement.

We don't just design our cars with meticulous care - we pay the same attention to our finance agreements. See how Audi Solutions can help you to find and finance the Audi that's perfect for you.

Hire Purchase.

Hire Purchase (HP) is very similar to borrowing a sum of money from a bank and paying it back over a fixed period of time, with interest. Hire Purchase is a type of secured loan which is often preferred over alternative (unsecured) loans because it allows a greater borrowing limit.

With hire purchase available on a range of Audi models, your ideal car could be yours sooner than you think. It provides an easy and simple way to finance the car you want, with fixed monthly repayments and a set interest rate payable over 60 months. You can even add additional payments such as maintenance and accessories.

Buying an Audi for business.

New car leasing is becoming a very popular choice with business customers. It allows customers to drive a brand new car for a lower monthly payment and a small initial deposit. You don't have to worry about selling the vehicle either, simply return it to the leasing company at the end.

Learn what Contract Hire is and how it works.



New Vehicle Extended Warranty.

All-new Audi models now come with a choice of a three, four or five-year warranty*. What’s more, if you decide to sell your Audi before the warranty expires, it will be fully transferred to the new owner. So, whichever length of warranty you choose, you can forget about unexpected repair bills and enjoy several years of carefree driving.


Used Car Extended Warranty.

Once your car is registered with the DVLA, you are unable to add the factory extended warranty. Don’t worry though, whether you purchased your car new or used, we can still help you. We have a range of extended warranty products that are suitable for most customers and their usage profile. The options are varied though, so we ask that you contact us to discuss the policies with our dedicated Finance and Insurance Team.


* Three-year warranty consists of a two-year unlimited mileage warranty and a third-year warranty with a 60,000-mile limitation. A four-year warranty consists of two-year unlimited mileage coverage and two further year’s coverage with a 75,000-mile limitation. The five-year warranty consists of two-year unlimited mileage coverage and three further year’s coverage with a 90,000-mile limitation. Only available prior to vehicle registration. Fully transferable to subsequent owners.