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Tyres and winter tyres

Tyres hold a vital role in keeping your Audi safe. A tyre with even the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm will take much longer to stop than a brand new one. If road surfaces become more treacherous, for example after rain, the condition of your tyre is even more of a priority for your safety.

By being the only contact between your Audi and the road, tyre maintenance and correct replacements is a key consideration. That’s why we offer a range of premium tyres at competitive prices.

Our trained Technicians will check the pressure, tread depth, appearance and condition of your tyres to help maintain the standard. If your tyres need replacing, we will provide you with tyres of the same high quality originals your Audi was fitted with when it left the factory at a competitive price.

To book a tyre check or receive a quote, contact us on 01935 574981.


Audi Genuine tyres

Specially created for each Audi model and manufactured using the latest materials and testing criteria, Audi Genuine tyres ensure both wheel rim and tyre are coordinated to meet our exacting requirements.

To achieve the ‘AO’ marking for every model, Audi Genuine tyres have to undergo around 50 performance criteria tests. This is considerably more stringent than statutory tyre regulations.

Audi Cold Weather Tyres. For when the temperature drops.

Once the temperature reaches 7°C, Audi Cold Weather Tyres can both enhance your grip and increase your stopping power. So we recommend making the switch even before you feel a chill in the air.

Benefits of fitting Audi Cold Weather Tyres

Unlike normal tyres, Audi Cold Weather Tyres have a tread compound that doesn’t harden when it falls below 7°C. This reduces your stopping distance and gives you more grip on the road, keeping you and your Audi performing.

Switching to Audi Cold Weather Tyres is recommended in winter. We can help you select your tyres, and help you understand why this switch is important for your safety.

To find out more or receive a quote, contact us on 01935 574981.