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Bring your Audi back to life.

Over time, your car can accumulate some signs of wear. Scuffs, scratches, chips and dents spoil the appearance of your pride and joy. It doesn’t have to stay that way however… We offer a quick and inexpensive solution to repair minor damage without the cost of removing panels, or the hassle of having your car out of action for days.

Simply book your car in for an appointment at our Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) workshop. They'll sort out everything from a chipped windscreen to a cracked bumper, a dented wing, or even a torn seat. You’ll have your Audi (or any other car for that matter) back to you as good as new, in next to no time.

Smart Repair benefits:

  • Costs much less than a traditional repair
  • Most repairs can be done on the same day
  • No need to claim on insurance
  • Doesn’t impact on your no-claims bonus

Call Yeovil Smart Repair on 01935 709 999 or Email Yeovil Accident Repair