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Choose an Approved Repairer.

At Audi we pride ourselves on not only supplying you with the perfect car but also providing great after sales service and care. Only repairs carried out by a Volkswagen Group Approved Repair Centre retain the full Audi warranty, and only use the manufacturer's genuine parts. To maintain the quality and value of your vehicle all work is carried out to the highest standards.

Accident Repair services include:

  • In-House Accident Management Service
  • 24 Hour Recovery Service
  • Free collection and delivery of your vehicle
  • Warranty Assurance
  • Complimentary courtesy car
  • SMART Repair

Our Recommended Repairers.

Located just down the road from our Poole centre, Poole Accident Repair is our recommended approved repairer due to their high quality service and unrivalled customer service. For our Yeovil drivers, located within the same business park, Yeovil Accident Repair is our recommended approved repairer due to its’ established reputation for high quality workmanship and unequalled customer service.

Call Poole Accident Repair on 01202 733866 or visit www.pooleaccidentrepair.co.uk

Call Yeovil Accident Repair on 01935 709999 or visit www.yeovilaccidentrepair.co.uk

“Your Car, Your Choice.”

The Office of Fair Trading and The British Board of Motor Insurers have agreed that Motor Vehicle insurance policy holders have the right to choose where their vehicle is repaired, regardless of the insurance company’s advice. Therefore you, as a policy holder are not obliged to use your insurer’s approved repairer and you can insist on having your vehicle repaired by an approved accident repair centre that will not invalidate your manufacturer warranty.