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SQ5 is one of the best sports SUVs says What Car?

What Car? has awarded the Audi SQ5 four stars after reviewing the mid-sized sports SUV in its latest issue (13 June to 11 July).

“The SQ5 is a great all-rounder and one of the best sports SUVs,” says the magazine’s John Howell.

“The diesel engine picks up smartly when you put your foot down, feels truly forceful in its mid-range and makes the right noises (a sound generator in the exhaust produces a throatier warble than any diesel has the right to emit).

“…an eight-speed automatic gearbox shifts smartly when you want to go quickly and smoothly when you don’t, while the big brakes shed speed healthily and stay snatch-free in traffic.

“Precise, well-weighted steering makes sweeping along narrow B-roads a breeze... and it handles tidily.”

“The ride is firm but not harsh around town and soothing on the motorway.”

“This is a fine all-rounder with a breadth of talents that could push it to the upper limits of our sports SUV category, ahead of the Porsche Macan and BMW X3 M40i.”